Our Lunch Menu

The most authentic Italian food you can find in UK
 SERVED MON-FRI FROM 12 noon – 3 pm 

*prices are correct at time of uploading to the website, these may vary from
time to time


Bruschetta with rocket, mortadella, sun dried tomatoes

Bruschetta with pesto, tomato, onion, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes

Bruschetta with bresaola, gorgonzola, parmesan cheese and balsamic

Slices of top mix meat & cheese with olives and bread

Slices of top mix meat & cheese with olives and bread

Slices of top Italian cheese with olives & bread

Slices of top Italian cheese with olives & bread



Ravioli & more

All Served with Tomato Sauce

Ricotta fresh cheese and spinach filling

Porcini Mushroom filling

Truffle filling

Artichoke filling

Crab or Salmon filling

Pumpkin filling

Ricotta fresh cheese and spinach filling

Pesto or Tomato Sauce

Our Dinner Menu

The most authentic Italian food you can find in UK

Starters & Salads

one with pesto – one with olive pate – one with tomato and onion
one with parmesan shavings – one with gorgonzola – one with rocked dressed with fine balsamic glaze – one with bresaola
and buffalo mozzarella salad
and pesto salad dressed with fine balsamic glaze

and parmesan shaving salad

Slices of top mix meat & cheese with olives and bread

Slices of top mix meat & cheese with olives and bread

Slices of top Italian cheese with olives & bread

on bed of green salad and mixed olives
aubergines, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, olives and courgette
aubergines, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, olives and courgette
fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and fresh basil leaves


spicy tomato pasta
pasta with basil pesto or spicy pesto
pasta with tomato and meat sauce
gnocchi with tomato sauce or pesto
classic oven lasagna with tomato and meat sauce
tortelloni pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese


raviolini pasta filled with meat and tomato or bolognese sauce
pasta with grilled vegetables sauce


mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil
mozzarella, tomato, anchovies, capers and black olives
mozzarella, tomato, ham, mushrooms, artichoke, olives
(no tomato), mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola and parmesan
mozzarella, tomato and pepperoni
mozzarella, tomato, courgette, aubergine and peppers
mozzarella, tomato, salami, italian sausage and artichoke
(folded pizza), mozzarella, tomato, spinach, ham and ricotta
mozzarella, tomato, parma ham, rocket and parmesan
mozzarella, tomato, aubergine, Italian pancetta and buffalo mozzarella
(no mozzarella), tomato, anchovies, capers and fresh garlic
(no tomato), mozzarella, Italian sausage and Italian turnip tops
(folded pizza), mozzarella, ham, salami, ricotta, cheese and fresh chilli
mozzarella, spicy salami and fresh chilli
mozzarella, nduja, olives, sunblushed, onions, basil
*any pizza is also available GLUTEN FREE


Soft Drinks & Coffees

Alcoholic Drinks

Wine List


100% Nero D’Avola. Aged for 4months in French oak barrels. Intense red with violet reflexes. Complex bouquet with lots of savoury fruit, spice and smokiness on the nose. Full bodied, good concentration of tannins.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Ruby red, strong, slightly herbaceous scent. Full bodied, dry with balanced tannins.
100 Primitivo. Deep ruby red, bright and intense. Aroma of ripe red fruit, cherry, mulberry, blueberry, vanilla and aromatic herbs. Dry, strong personality and good persistency with enjoyable tannins.
Blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto grapes aged in barrique for 8 months. Intense ruby red with violet tinges. Hints of violets andd primrose on the nose. Ample, rich, full, very harmonious and inviting.
65% Corvina, 10% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella, 5% other varieties. Intense ruby red. Palate is rich, very fruity, elegant. Typical notes of wild berries that blend well with the complexity of the wine
100% Nebbiolo from the 45 year old Bricco Ambrogio vineyard in the town of Roddi. Aged in 18 months in French barriques and a further 6 months in 200 litre oak casks followed by 1 year ageing in bottle. Ruby red with garnet tinges.


100% Grillo. Straw yellow with golden hues. Fragrant nose of flowers, jasmine, green pepper, citrus, and exotic fruit which is confirmed on the full and flavoursome palate.
100% Sauvignon. Straw yellow with greenish hues. Broad and pronounced with hints of flowers, peppers and ripe melon.Delicate body, tangy with good acidity, and an aftertaste of sweet peppers.
100% Pinot Grigio. Pale golden yellow. Light aroma, distinct and characteristic. Dry, full and perfectly balanced.
100% Fiano. Brilliant straw yellow with greenish reflections. Aroma of white peaches and blossoms. Soft, enfolding, dry and pleasingly sapid.
100% Pecorino. Light yellow with greenish notes. Fragrant, floral and pleasantly fruity with hints of sage, acacia and exotic fruit. Dry, with good acidity, juicy.


100% Nero D’Avola with brief skin contact on the wine. Pale, delicate medium rosé. Bursting with red fruit aromas-tunes of wild strawberries, watermelon and citrus skin. Well-balanced, with a pleasant and long lasting, fruity finish. To be enjoyed young.
100% Montepulciano. Cherry Rose in colour. Notes of cherry and strawberry on the nose. Harmonic, fresh, sapid and fragrant.


100% Glera. Straw yellow. Cloud of tiny bubbles lead to intense pear and accacia flower scents.drinkability is easy and pleasant. Palate is soft and fresh.
Various red grapes transformed into sparkling wine using the Charmat method. Bright, crystalline pink giving rise to a creamy foam. On the nose there are scents of roses, strawberries and red currants. Pleasant freshness and softness. Optimal structure and excellent balance.